About FAQs

Is Buy Here Pay Here a Good Idea?

Greg Coats Cars & Trucks is perfect for drivers who need a vehicle with no hassle related to bad credit history or anything else in their past. We can help you get approved to get the vehicle you need.

Finance FAQs

Does Buy Here Pay Here Depend on My Credit?

Greg Coats Cars & Trucks understands our customers are more than just a credit score. Instead of using only your credit history like traditional banks and car dealerships to make financing approval decisions, we focus on your current income and financial situation to help you get the auto financing you need.

How Does Buy Here Pay Here Financing Work?

Just like a traditional car dealership, you get approved for a vehicle and make a payment you can afford. But unlike a traditional bank or dealer, Greg Coats Cars & Trucks can help you get approved for that car, no matter your credit score or history.

How Can You Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

If a traditional bank or car dealership has denied you for an auto loan, then Greg Coats Cars & Trucks might be perfect for you! No matter your credit score or history, we can get you approved for a car loan after answering just a few simple questions! Click here to get approved.

How Can You Get Approved for a Car?

Get fast and easy approval on a new ride by bringing a valid photo ID, proof of income like a paycheck stub or bank statements, and proof of residence such as a lease agreement or utility bill when you come to take delivery of your vehicle. You can also submit these documents online with your application to expedite the process.

Can You Finance a Used Car?

Greg Coats offers easy in-house auto financing for every used car on our lot with a quick-and-easy approval process with local banks for traditional buyers, as well as buy here pay here options for buyers with less-than-perfect credit.

Buying FAQs

Does Greg Coats Offer A Warranty?

Yes, all cars sold at Greg Coats Cars & Trucks come with our limited warranty, known as Coats' Peace of Mind Coverage, that covers your vehicle for three months or 3,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Used Cars FAQs

Are Used Cars Reliable?

Every used vehicle is unique and there are two main things that relate to a used car's reliability: a vehicle history report and a warranty. At Greg Coats Cars & Trucks, we include a free CarFax report on all of our cars, as well as Coats' Peace of Mind Coverage to protect you and your ride.

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